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Bishop Allen Academy is:
Roisin DiPasquale
721 Royal York Road
Toronto ,ON
M8Y 2T3
(416) 393-5549 ext: 80138
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Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton is:
Catherine Richardson
1515 Bloor Street West
Toronto ,ON
M6P 1A3
(416) 393-5545
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Blessed Archbishop Romero is:
Carmela Caroleo
99 Humber Blvd South
Toronto ,ON
M6N 2H4
(416) -39-5555
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Blessed Cardinal Newman is:
Daniel Prizzon
100 Brimley Rd. South
Toronto ,ON
M1M 3X4
(416) 393-5519 ext: 80791
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Brebeuf is:
Rick Naccarato
211 Steeles Av. East
Toronto ,ON
M2M 3Y6
(416) 393-5508 ext: 6036
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Chaminade College is:
Rose Aquino
490 Queen's Drive
Toronto ,ON
M6L 1M8
(416) 393-5509 ext: 80863
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Dante Alighieri is:
Teresa Hebor
60 Playfair Ave
Toronto ,ON
M6B 2B9
(416) 393-5522 ext: 6048
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Don Bosco is:
Maurizio Guzzo
2 St. Andrew's Boulevard
Toronto ,ON
M9R 1V8
(416) 393-5525 ext: 3223
Your OYAP contact for
Fr Henry Carr is:
Mary Alaimo
1760 Martin Grove Road
Etobicoke ,ON
M9V 3S4
(416) 222-8282 ext: 2193
Your OYAP contact for
Fr John Redmond is:
Helen Kiyko
28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr
Toronto ,ON
M8V 4B7
(416) 393-5540
Your OYAP contact for
Francis Libermann is:
Cynthia Romany
4640 Finch Ave. East
Toronto ,ON
M1S 4G2
(416) 393-5524 ext: 6063
Your OYAP contact for
James Cardinal McGuigan is:
Lori Orrico-Laudari
1440 Finch Avenue West
Toronto ,ON
M3J 3G3
(416) 393-5527
Your OYAP contact for
Jean Vanier is:
Cord Clemens
959 Midland Ave.
Toronto ,ON
M1K 4G4
(416) 393-5554 ext: 3257
Your OYAP contact for
Loretto Abbey is:
Antonio Furfaro
101 Mason Blvd.
Toronto ,ON
M5M 3E2
(416) 393-5510 ext: 80823
Your OYAP contact for
Loretto College is:
Ann Vincent
151 Rosemount Ave.
Toronto ,ON
M6H 2N1
(416) 393-5511
Your OYAP contact for
Madonna is:
Camilla Romano
20 Dubray Ave.
Downsview ,ON
M3K 1V5
(416) 393-5506
Your OYAP contact for
Marshall McLuhan is:
Sera Rossi
1107 Avenue Road
Toronto ,ON
M5N 3B1
(416) 393-5561 ext: 6033
Your OYAP contact for
Mary Ward is:
Cindy Burley
3200 Kennedy Road
Scarborough ,ON
(416) 393-5544 ext: ext80491
Your OYAP contact for
Michael Power/St Joseph is:
Ferdinando Marrello
105 Eringate Drive
Toronto ,ON
M9C 3Z7
(416) 393-5529 ext: 6051
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Misc. is:
Jennifer Rutherford
55 Salisbury Avenue
Toronto ,ON
M4X 1C5
(416) 397-6536 ext: 1
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Monsignor Fraser (Isabella) is:
Anne Maria HoTseung -Yenn
Toronto ,ON
000 000
(416) 393-5532 ext: 6094
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Monsignor Fraser Annex is:
Tina Magnanelli-Diana
486 Shaw Street
Toronto ,ON
M6G 3L3
(416) 393-5557
Your OYAP contact for
Monsignor Fraser Norfinch is:
Bogdan Bogatek
45 Norfinch Drive
Toronto ,ON
M3N 1W8
(416) 393-5558
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Monsignor Percy Johnson is:
Lisa Corvinelli
2170 Kipling Avenue
Toronto ,ON
M9W 4K9
(416) 393-5535 ext: 80322
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Neil McNeil is:
Bayete Smith
127 Victoria Park Ave.
Toronto ,ON
M4E 3S2
(416) 393-5502 ext: 82467
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Notre Dame is:
Raffaella Champion
12 Malvern Avenue
Toronto ,ON
M4E 3E1
(416) 393-5501 ext: 82067
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Senator O'Connor is:
Anna Marie Lamantia
60 Rowena Drive
Toronto ,ON
M3A 2M5
(416) 393-5646 ext: 3656
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St Basil-The-Great is:
Laura Ciccone
20 Starview Lane
Toronto ,ON
M9M 3B2
(416) 393-5513 ext: 81537
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St John Paul II is:
Bernerd Hawco
685 Military Trail
Toronto ,ON
M1E 4P6
(416) 393-5531 ext: 80690
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St Joseph College is:
Catherine Keenan
74 Wellesley Street West
Toronto ,ON
M5S 1C4
(416) 393-5514 ext: 81474
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St Joseph Morrow Park is:
Joanne Damiano
3379 Bayview Ave
Willowdale ,ON
M2M 3S4
(416) 393-5516 ext: 85603
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St Mary Catholic Academy is:
Candace Dolny
66 Dufferin Park Ave.
Toronto ,ON
M6H 1J6
(416) 393-5528 ext: 3277
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St Mother Teresa Catholic Academy is:
Oreste Reda
40 Sewells Road
Toronto ,ON
M1B 3G5
(416) 393-5538 ext: 81976
Your OYAP contact for
St Patrick Secondary is:
Hayley Nunes-Chung
49 Felstead Avenue
Toronto ,ON
M4J 1G3
(416) 393-5546
Glossary of Terms

Apprenticeship training and trade certification system is legislated in Ontario. Historically, one legislation, the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (TQAA) 1964 applied to all trades. The Ontario government has recently undertaken an initiative to reform the apprenticeship system. The goals of the apprenticeship reform initiative include:

  • a system that contributes to economic growth and job creation
  • expansion of the apprenticeship model of skills training to new occupations and new areas of economic growth ie. information technology
  • greater ownership by industry and system stakeholders
  • a more transparent framework that is flexible and responsive to training needs of industry
  • increased participation by youth  

The highlight of these reforms is the new Apprenticeship and Certification Act (ACA) 1998, the first new piece of apprenticeship legislation since the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (TQAA) was introduced in 1964. This new ACA legislation came into effect in January 2000 and applies to the service, automotive, and manufacturing/industrial sectors, representing approximately 100 trades. At the request of the construction sector, the TQAA continues to apply to the all construction trades, approximately 30 in total.

The two different legislations have resulted in two different models. The focus of the new legislation, ACA, is on the conditions and nature of the training. The ACA emphasizes the completion of skills sets as prescribed by industry representatives of the particular trades. In this respect, the new legislation is viewed as a competency-based model which differs from the time-based model of the TQAA. The following highlights the differences between the two models:

Competency-Based Model:

  • governed by the Apprenticeship and Certification Act (ACA) since January 2000
  • applies to all Industrial, Service and Motive Power Trades
  • Policy and Guidelines for specific trades or groups of trades are under review / development
  • apprenticeship contract is called a Training Agreement
  • sponsor refers to the trainer, who may or may not be the apprentice's employer 
  • minimum age of 16
  • completion of academic and training standards as prescribed by affiliated Industry Committees
  • grade 12 minimum if no standard is prescribed

Time-Based Model:

  • governed by the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (TQAA)
  • applies to all Construction trades
  • apprenticeship contract is called Contract of Apprenticeship
  • employer refers to the company who has entered into a contract of apprenticeship and has agreed to provide wages and training by a qualified trainer
  • minimum age of 16

Under both legislations, serving an apprenticeship has varying designations.


Compulsory Trades

  • Under the TQAA which applies to construction trades only, 6 of the 30 trades are designated as compulsory; only registered apprentices or licensed (certified) journeypersons may practice in that trade.
  • Compulsory trades under the TQAA include: Construction Maintenance Electrician, Hoisting Engineer, Plumber, Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning Mechanic, Sheet Metal Worker, and Steamfitter.

Restricted Trades

  • For certain trades regulated under the ACA, only registered apprentices or licensed (certified) journeypersons may practice in that trade.
  • Examples of restricted trades under the ACA include: Automotive Service Technician, Auto Body Repairer, Truck & Coach Technician, Hairstylist.

Voluntary (TQAA) or Non-Restricted (ACA) Trades Designations

  • under both legislations, one can legally work in the trade without being registered or licensed
  • examples include: Tool & Die Maker, Mould Maker, General Machinist, Cook, Baker, Horticulturist

Certificates are issued at the completion of apprenticeship training and are as follows:

Certificate of Apprenticeship (College Diploma)

  • shows that an apprentice has successfully completed the in-school and on the job requirements
  • under the ACA trades, it is issued when the above requirements are met
  • under the TQAA, it is issued when the above requirements are met as well as passing the Government written exam

Certificate of Qualification

  • shows that an apprentice has passed the Government exam (where applicable)
  • under ACA and TQAA trades, it is issued once the exam is passed
  • this certificate is also awarded if no exam is available

You should also become familiar with the following common trade terms:

  • Skill set: one or more skills
  • Restricted Skill set: a skill set that is designated as a restricted skill set by the regulations in TQAA and by Policy or Guidelines in ACA
  • Apprentice (under ACA): an individual who has entered into a Registered Training Agreement under which the individual is to receive workplace-based training in a trade, other occupation, or skill set as part of an apprenticeship program
  • Apprentice (under TQAA): a person who is at least 16 years of age and who has entered into a contract under which the person is to receive from or through his or her employer, training and instruction in a trade
  • Trade specific training standards: refers to the book that contains the on-the-job skill sets The TQAA and ACA have similar components but with differing terminology. The table below cross references important terms that will help you understand the terminology used in the ACA and the TQAA.
  • Sponsor (ACA): a person who has entered into a Registered Training Agreement under which is required to ensure that the apprentice is provided with workplace-based training in a trade as part of an apprenticeship program; qualified trainer does not have to be in their employ
  • Employer: (TQAA) a company who has entered into a contract of apprenticeship with an apprentice and is agreeing to provide wages and training; qualified trainer must be in their employ



Term Term Definition
Compulsory Trade Restricted Trade to work in a trade licensed under "restricted" or "compulsory", one must be a registered apprentice or journeyperson
Voluntary Trade Non-Restricted Trade refers to trades that do not require being a registered apprentice or licensed journeyperson
Contract of Apprenticeship Registered Training Agreement an agreement registered under which the employer or sponsor agrees to train and instruct the apprentice
Provincial Advisory Committees Industry Committees comprised of industry representatives who advise the Minister with respect to apprenticeship programs