OYAP Benefits

Through Co-operative Education curriculum related learning and hands-on skilled trade training with a community partner, OYAP students gain:

  • Employability skills (resume design, job seeking skills, interviews skills, project management skills, etc.)
  • Industry related connections, networking
  • Trade specific pre-apprenticeship training (theoretical, observational and hands-on)
  • Start logging hours and skills on the MLTSD and OCOT approved Training Standards manual (https://www.collegeoftrades.ca/training-standards )

Successful OYAP graduates acquire their OSSD and accreditation for completing part of the on-the-job training requirements of a formal apprenticeship (whether reflected in a Personalized Learning Plan or a Training Standard or both). 

In our centrally coordinated 'Accelerated' OYAP programs, they may also acquire accreditation from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) for part or all of the related Level 1 apprenticeship training.

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*** For more general information about apprenticeship and TCDSB specific Co-op OYAP opportunities see: Guide to OYAP