OYAP vs. Apprenticeship

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a special cooperative education program that promotes careers in the skilled trade professions to high school students. OYAP is a “pre-apprenticeship” program.

OYAP allows students to earn credits towards a high school diploma gaining knowledge and experience under the supervision of a skilled professional at their apprenticeship workplace.

Also, for many specific careers, the Toronto Catholic District School Board offers a variety of “Accelerated” centrally co-coordinated OYAP programs. Accelerated OYAP program formalizes training and allows students a head start along the Apprenticeship Pathway post-graduation.

Apprenticeship is an education and training program for people who enjoy learning by doing and who want to work in the skilled trade professions. Apprenticeship starts when an individual finds a paying job with an employer who is willing and able to sponsor them as an appentice in a specific skilled trade profession.

An apprentice is a person who is enrolled in a skilled trade profession for the purpose of learning the specific skills related to that profession.

90% of apprenticeship training is hands on learning which employers provide at the workplace, while they earn a paycheck. 10% of apprenticeship training is in a classroom instruction, which usually takes place at a community college or an approved training delivery agent.

An apprenticeship takes from 2-5 years to complete, depending on the profession.

An apprenticeship is finished when the “apprentice” completes 100% of the education and training, both in class and on the job, and has passed an examination. The “apprentice” then receives a Certificate of Qualification which indicates that he/she is now a skilled trade professional.

For more information regarding Apprenticeship, please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/start-apprenticeship