What is OYAP?

OYAP is an option for all secondary school students, including exceptional students, who are working towards an OSSD. A great learning opportunity for all our high school students. 

OYAP is designed to provide Grade 11 and 12 students with the opportunity to participate in a skilled profession through cooperative education and work experience programs. In some cases, students formally begin their apprenticeship training.  

OYAP provides opportunities for students to participate in an apprenticeship occupation while enrolled in a secondary school program leading to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

A co-operative education student who is exploring a skilled trade needs to fill out and sign an OYAP Application with the support of their co-op teacher.

Once an OYAP application is filled out, the co-op teacher submits the application on behalf of the student as either a:

  • Co-op /OYAP Participant (= a student just starting to explore a specific trade and is unsure if they want to purpose it moving forward)
  • Co-op/OYAP Registrant (=a student who is fairly sure that the specific trade is something they want to pursue moving forward. A Training Agreement is then generated)
  • Accelerated OYAP candidate (* Special Competitive Program that senior students may apply to in their last year of school, usually starts semester II)

OYAP is an option, and not a path into which students are streamed. Once a Co-op student decides on skilled trade to explore, their co-op teachers places with a community partner that will support their learning. If the student finds that they would like to explore a different trade area, their co-op teacher can help find them a new placement to explore. The program is flexible enough to allow students to leave OYAP without consequences if they are unsuited to the apprenticeship program.

To Get Started Book An Appointment To Discuss Adding Co-op To Your Time Table & Explore Options With Your Guidance Counselor and/or Co-op Teacher!

*** For more general information about apprenticeship and TCDSB specific Co-op OYAP opportunities see: Guide to OYAP